• Education:

    Since early 1986, SADCO members have overwhelmingly supported the idea of contributing to the enhancement of educational opportunities for all Hispanics. Two specific initiatives have been in place since that time. The first initiative endeavors to help Hispanics become literate in the English language and aware of the cultural differences of their host country. In this regard, SADCO has provided financial and manpower resources yearly to the Hispanic Education Center (HEC). The HEC provides literacy, aid in preparing for the GED, and computer instruction to newly arrived immigrants of all ages.

    The second initiative was to establish a scholarship fund to help Hispanics attend college. Membership dues, sales generated during the annual Hispanic festival “Fiesta Indianapolis”, participants and sponsors of the Cartagena Independence Gala Dance and Dinner Celebration, and contributors from other sources, have primarily supported the scholarship fund. To date, SADCO has awarded scholarships to Hispanic students from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. With the continued help from institutions, corporations, and other businesses, we hope to continue to award more scholarships for many years to come.

    Programs to Provide Aid to Children in Poverty-Stricken Areas:

    SADCO is dedicating special attention to improving the quality of life and meeting the needs of needy children in Colombia and other Latin American countries. It is a goal of SADCO to help children living in dire poverty. This is accomplished through the generosity of SADCO’s contributors by providing children with programs and services that meet basic needs, enhance their self-esteem, and raise their physical and educational levels in a meaningful, lasting way. Projects include contributions and computer equipment to set up a library in a middle school, didactic material supplies to elementary and middle schools, daycare facilities, and orphanages throughout Colombia. SADCO has also arranged for the donation of medical supplies and Christmas presents to children in hospitals.

    Cultural Endeavors:

    To accomplish its cultural mission, SADCO brings the Hispanic community together in socio-cultural events and offers educational presentations to schools and corporations regarding Hispanic culture. SADCO consistently participates with a cultural and educational booth in social events such as Fiesta Indianapolis, Children’s Day at Indianapolis Children’s Museum, and in international festivals at Indianapolis schools. To help expand and educate Latin American culture, SADCO has brought artists and musicians to perform in concerts and educational sessions at sites such as Butler University Clowes Memorial Hall, Indianapolis public schools, and local area festivals.

    Disaster Relief:

    Due to its broad membership and name recognition we have been able to raise funds to provide aid to disaster-stricken regions throughout Latin America. SADCO has provided aid to countries such as El Salvador, Venezuela, and Colombia.


    Individual Assistance:

    We also lend a helping hand to individuals in need whenever possible. We have provided economic assistance to cancer patients, helped a handicapped woman return to her home country, and provided finanacial assistance to a minority student in Spain.


    Partnerships with other Organizations:

    The members of SADCO have contributed to the accomplishments of, and have worked in partnership with other organizations for the development of the Hispanic community. In particular, we have helped “Fiesta Indianapolis” to organize the major Hispanic Festival in Indianapolis since its inception. The Hispanic Center has been a beneficiary of SADCO’s donations and we have also participated in some of its activities. We have worked with the Children’s Museum in activities such as the International Children’s Day. We have also have also collaborated with the Indianapolis Public Schools and in other Central Indiana schools. Our members have made many presentations about Latin American topics. We have also worked in cooperation with Kiwanis International to facilitate the distribution of resources to projects in Colombia.




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"SADCO strives to create a caring community by drawing together Colombians and friends of Colombia in central Indiana with a desire to promote and preserve Colombian and Hispanic cultural heritage, and inspiring them to develop, organize, and carry out programs which contribute to the betterment of Hispanic people in Indiana and Colombia."

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